Why Siimon

1. He doesn’t just talk about it, he’s done it.

Siimon is not just a professional speaker, he’s a highly accomplished entrepreneur. He has co-founded 2 highly successful conglomerates employing thousands of people in 4 continents. Yet he started with just a small two man business. His speeches therefore aren’t just entertaining they’re full of practical, real world tips you can actually use to perform better and achieve more.

2. He customises each speech

Siimon listens to you, studies your company then customises his speech to fit your situation. You get a speech that’s not just motivating, it’s exactly what the message you want imparted to your audience. By carefully sculpting his speech to your company’s particular needs, he ensures his time on stage makes a tangible and lasting impact to your organisation.

3. He’s totally professional

Siimon has spoken at top level conferences for more than a decade. He knows what you need in a speaker: wisdom, entertainment, passion and expertise. He arrives early. He stays and chats with your audience. He finishes on time, and performs in a totally professional manner. When you book Siimon Reynolds you can relax, knowing that he’ll deliver what your conference needs.

4. He attracts extra delegates

Siimon is known to millions of people Australia-wide. Research shows many people decide to attend a conference purely because Siimon is speaking. His high profile helps ensure your conference is highly anticipated and well attended.

5. He’s exciting, entertaining and memorable

There’s two things a great keynote speaker must do: 1. Be entertaining 2. Give practical, useful information. Siimon’s specially tailored speeches ensure your delegates leave the event inspired and ready to act in new more effective ways. He blends practical tips with fascinating stories to deliver a speech that’s memorable,

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