The great opportunity of the Coronavirus

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing all the bad news about the Coronavirus.

So let’s reverse things.

What about the advantages of this pandemic?

Well if you play this right, you can totally transform your business during the quarantine period.


By making sure you use the extra time working at home to get better at what you do.

Study new business development. Study sales technique.

Improve your time management skills.

Learn how to read a balance sheet better.

Learn leadership, or how to be an awesome manager.

Get better at pricing your services.

Get up to date on new digital channels and how best to utilize them.

In short, use this priceless time at home, when you have more freedom and often more time, to become a better You.

If you’re a company owner, the very best use of your time is to develop a better new business development system, as that will improve your future more than anything else.

Imagine this. By the time we all go back to normal life, you have built a highly effective, efficient and lucrative client attraction system. One that you can roll out powerfully and immediately.

If you did that, then later when you talked with others about the impact Coronavirus had on the world, you could honestly say, “Coronavirus was the best thing that ever happened to my business. I used the time to take myself and the company to a totally different level.”

Wouldn’t that be great?

Don’t waste this virus.

Use it to become a better You.

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