The Most Underestimated Way To Win Clients

Over the years, companies have become much more professional at winning clients.

Slide decks look more sophisticated.

Background research has got more comprehensive.

Presentation skills have got slicker.

In a nutshell, overall professionalism has greatly improved.

But as we have become more smooth in what we present to clients ( and how we present it), there’s one area that seems to have been forgotten.

Yet this one element is often more important in convincing clients to pick your company than all those other factors put together.

What is this missing element?

Raw enthusiasm and passion.

Enthusiasm for the client’s issue. Passion for what we present.

You see, clients don’t just buy good answers. They also buy the people who are presenting them.

Often, clients find it difficult to pick which company they want to go with. Sometimes all the finalist companies present very similar solutions to their brief.

So they revert to giving their business to the people who seem genuinely excited by the opportunity. Who exude optimism and certainty about what they present. Who seem like they actually give a damn about helping them.

Clients are right to look for this. Because when the euphoria of winning the account has worn away, all that the client has really bought is the dedication and passion of the team working to help them. Someone might be super experienced and ultra bright, but if they don’t really care that much about helping the customer then the outcome will usually be mediocre.

So next time you do a new client presentation, try doubling your enthusiasm and passion when you’re with them. Show them how thrilled and honoured you would be to work with them. Show them you really, really value the opportunity, have come up with a  brilliant solution and intend to hit this one out of the park.

Watch how their eyes (and wallets) open.

Personal enthusiasm and passion. Definitely the most underestimated way to win clients.

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One thought on “The Most Underestimated Way To Win Clients

  1. AMEN. Every single client I have today is here because I believe I am the best at what I do. Now, there may be others that are better than me but I really BELIEVE it and they know it and I put everything I have into their work just like I do my own.