Use this amazing technique from the Navy Seals to stay strong

Obviously things are pretty tough for us all during this Coronavirus situation.

So today I want to give you a technique used by the Navy Seals to help keep you fighting strong.

It’s a very subtle technique, and even people who have studied how the Seals teams work may not have picked up the importance of it.

Here is their brilliant technique:

The Navy Seals have an entirely different way of thinking about hardship.

They pride themselves on being tougher than any hardship. It’s literally conditioned into their minds to not only be ambivalent about their discomfort, but to actually take pride in it.

This highly unusual attitude is summed up perfectly in the Navy Seals motto:

‘The only easy day was yesterday’.

Think about that motto for a moment.

Of all the mottos that this elite fighting unit could have chosen, they picked one that was totally centered around their ability to handle hardship easily.

That motto basically says:

‘Tough times? Bring it on! Let’s make tomorrow even harder! I don’t care. I am so freakin tough it doesn’t phase me. I fully expect the days coming up to be even harder and I’m totally fine with it! In fact I’ll excel in it!’

Can you see how unusual that is as a way of thinking?

Can you also see how powerful it would be if you adopted the same mindset when it comes to your business, and your life, during this Coronavirus pandemic?

Look, these hard times aren’t going to stop any time soon.

So you have two choices:

You can complain and get depressed about it all.

Or you can start thinking like a Navy Seal, and say “Bring it on! I’m 100 times mentally tougher than this or any other disaster!”

This is a very, very effective way to think, and I urge you to adapt it immediately.

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