How To Finish The Year Brilliantly

There’s two ways you could finish the last 3 weeks of this year:

1. Like most people.

Lot’s of parties, wind down early, plan your break.

2. Like a high achiever.

Enjoy the festive season, but also do vital things that can make you much more money and have you beautifully set up to have a fantastic 2016.

As a high performance business coach, I’m always pushing entrepreneurs to maximize their time. So with that in mind, here are 4 things you can do to end this year brilliantly:


Don’t let this precious time go to waste. Contact anyone who has shown any interest in your product this year and try to close them. Offer a discount or a special bonus to sweeten the deal, just get them across the line. You can do this! Don’t just spend money this holiday season, make some!


Throw out everything you can, get your files in order, answer or delete those excess emails. Allocate 60 minutes every day for the next 3 weeks to tidy, organize and get on top of things. That way when you walk into the office in the New Year you will feel and perform like a winner. Your environment matters! Get it under control.

Strategies 3 and 4 for finishing this year with power are in this short video:

Do all 4 of these techniques and you’ll not only end the year richer, you’ll feel more confident, excited and on top of life.

These techniques are simple, but super effective. Check them all out here:

PS If you know staff or other entrepreneurs who could do with some motivation, share the video with them.You can access it here:

How To Achieve Your Business Goals

Everyone knows they should set goals.
But how do you do it so that you actually achieve them?
In this important video I explain a 5 step process for setting business goals that triples your chances of making them a reality.
You can watch the video here:

If you are serious about making a large amount of money in business, doing highly effective goal setting is absolutely crucial.
I strongly urge you to watch this video that explains how to do it.

Checklist for Fast Company Growth.

I do a lot of consulting for entrepreneurs building their companies.

No matter what the industry, I find the same things lacking in companies struggling to grow.

So this week, I thought it would be helpful if I put these common challenges into an easy to review checklist.

So take a few minutes to look at each of these areas, and ask yourself whether you can score yourself at least a 7 out of 10 in each vital department:

1. Clear vision for company over the next 3 years.

2. Clear company values (no more than 5, ideally just 3).

3. A manual for running the business. (How you and your staff do things day to day).

4. 90 day goals, with exact figures to aim for.

5. A marketing plan that uses at least 3 different media. (Most failing companies are not experimenting enough with different types of media).

6. Outsourcing or delegating non vital tasks (If you don’t have an assistant you are one).

7. A coach, mentor or board to bounce ideas off. (No matter how smart you are it pays to have wise and objective counsel).

8. A sales presentation with at least a 1 out of 3 success rate. (If you’re scoring lower than that you have either structured the presentation incorrectly, or you’re selling to the wrong people.)

9. A clear understanding of who your customer is. (What they fear, what they desire.)

10. A system for staying in contact with customers and potential customers. (A company’s biggest potential asset is its email list).

There are more areas entrepreneurs should keep an eye on of course, but get these ten right and you can be pretty sure that you’re company will have strong growth over the next 3 years.

Get them wrong however, and your entire company’s future is at risk.

Tips for Creating an Extraordinary Year

A few weeks ago, in a moment of wild enthusiasm, millions of people set their New Year’s goals.

How many do you think will actually achieve them?

Well a research study by the USA Today newspaper showed that after 12 months, on average only 4% have achieved their goals.

So, how can you be amongst that 4%?

How can you design your New Year’s goals so that your dreams actually become realities?

Here’s my 5 step formula for making your goals come true:

1. Write your goals down.

Incredibly, the USA Today study showed that people who actually wrote their goals down had a 44% chance of succeeding with them – that’s, an improvement of 1100%! And yet it takes only a few minutes to do it.

2. Only have a few of them.

It’s been my experience that the more goals I set, the less I achieve.

This year, try having just 3 major goals that you work on.

It’s a virtuous circle: The fewer goals you have, the more time you devote to each one. The more time you devote to them, the more progress you make. The more progress you make, the more motivated you become. The more motivated you become, the more you work on your goals.

3. Stay conscious of them.

I believe that one of the primary reasons people don’t make progress with goals is that they are not thinking about them all day long.

I’ve found that you tend to get what you focus on. If you think about your goal only occasionally, you won’t be driven enough to achieve it.

I try to read my goals each morning before I start work and have trained my mind to re-focus on them at several other times during the day. The more I think of them, the more actions I take to achieve them.

4. Be accountable to someone.

Many of the best coaches in the world believe that the number one way to improve performance is to be accountable to somebody. Performance ALWAYS improves when you know that you’ll soon have to report your progress to another person 🙂  Someone who won’t let you off the hook, or put up with excuses.

Take a moment now to think of somebody you could use as your mentor or accountability partner, then arrange a time each week for you to update them on the progress you’re making towards your goals.

5. Take action every day.

Great achievement does not occur in one grand moment. It’s always the culmination of hundreds, even thousands, of small steps.

If you can just discipline yourself to take one step towards each of your 3 goals every day, at the end of the year you will have taken over 1000 steps towards your dreams!

Think about that for a moment- after 1000 steps forward, you’ll either have achieved all three goals and massively improved the quality of your life, or be well on your way to doing it.

So that’s the 5 step formula to super achievement in 2011.

Give it a try.

It may just transform your entire life.

The 3 Missing Ingredients of Success

Success is simple.

If you are not achieving at the level you’d like, it’s almost certainly because of at least one of these 3 factors.


Most people aren’t totally clear on what they want.

Sure they have a vague idea about a general direction, but that’s not enough.

You need to get absolutely crystal clear about your goals, and create a step by step path to making progress towards them.

You don’t have to know every step, just the next few. Once you travel a little further down the path, you’ll usually work out what to do next.

If you’re unhappy with your progress, the first solution is to sit down and re-clarify your objectives.


There are some people who are clear about what they want, but they just don’t do much to achieve it.

We live in a physical world, which functions by cause and effect, action and re-action. Unless you take lots of actions, significant change can’t occur. Conversely when you do act productively and proactively, it’s astounding how much progress you can make over time.

I don’t think it’s a matter of intelligence either; it’s more about choosing those actions that maximise results, and exerting enough energy to move things forward.


If you have Clarity and Productivity, you will usually massively outperform the average person. These two alone are formidable forces.

But occasionally people who exhibit both still fail. When this happens it can often be attributed to their lack of belief in themselves.

To achieve anything worthwhile you will confront countless obstacles and hardships.

The unsuccessful person is taken by surprise by these obstacles, and begins to doubt themselves.

The high achieving person understands that temporary failure is the very fabric of success. They know that nothing of worth was ever achieved in the history of mankind without initial failure. Ever.

When you choose to really believe in yourself, it affects your results in two profound ways.

You take more powerful actions, which inevitably lead to superior results.

And the people around you respect you more. They sense that you are a dynamic, effective, confident force to be reckoned with, and are more likely to want to help and support you.

So if you’re not satisfied with your success in business or life, take a few minutes to think about which of these three ingredients you may be missing.

Then each day when you wake up, resolve to focus on that area.

Pretty soon, your new focus will become a new habit, and that new habit will create a new destiny.