How To Fix The Number One Problem Of Entrepreneurs

The number one issue facing most entrepreneurs is lack of time.

Or more correctly, the poor use of their time.

Time management is a science, and a fascinating one. Yet very few entrepreneurs devote any time to mastering this critical skill.

As a result, by the end of their careers, they have usually achieved only a small fraction of what they could have, had they used their time better.

With this in mind, here are 6 powerful time management strategies which can profoundly increase the results you get in your business.

Plan your day before you start.
It takes real self-discipline to carefully plan your day before you start work each morning, but it increases productivity enormously.

Do new client generation work first.
Most entrepreneurs do it last, when they have a bit of spare time. Problem is, they rarely have any spare time so it doesn’t get done.

Rush unimportant tasks.
Don’t do everything perfectly. Do an okay job on what doesn’t matter then move on. 

Work out of the office for a couple of hours each day.
Maybe at a cafe. Or library. Or a diner. Anywhere where you won’t be interrupted so you can get quality work done.

 Use the ‘Focus At Will’ app.
It plays music designed by experts to increase your concentration. It can make a big difference on those days when you’re not feeling inspired.

Set a time period for doing each task.
It could be 20 minutes. Or 70 minutes for larger tasks. But I’ve found that when you push yourself to get things done in a certain amount of time you do things faster.

Any one of these strategies applied consistently will massively improve how much you achieve in your career. Used together, they have the power to completely transform your level of success.

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