How a dead billionaire can improve your business

Last week one of the great entrepreneurs of the world died.

Dietrich Mateschitz, the multi-billionaire founder of Red Bull.

But there is a powerful lesson he can still teach you.

Because the same technique Dietrich used to grow his company you too can use to grow your business.

You see Dietrich did not invent Red Bull.

He was in Thailand and saw there was an energy drink called Krathing Daeng, which was very popular with workers and truck drivers, to keep them awake. (At that time, such high-caffeine drinks did not exist in the western world)

He reached out to the Thai businessman who owned the company, and they agreed to create a version of that drink for the western market. (Krathing Daeng translated into English is ‘Red Bull’).

Fifteen years later he was a billionaire.

So if you are wondering how to grow your business, try using the same method Dietrich Mateschitz did.

Look at what other countries are doing in your industry.

Then see if you can adapt their ideas so they work for you.

It’s never been easier to do this.

All you have to do is Google companies in your space in different countries, visit their websites, and see what they are selling- and how they are doing it.

When I coach entrepreneurs, this is one of 21 methods I use to massively increase their income.

After all, if it worked for the founder of Red Bull, it can work for you.

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