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The 4 Characteristics of all Successful People

What is it that makes people successful? Is it just luck, inheritance, contacts, or is there something more?

In this exciting and thought provoking speech Siimon Reynolds reveals the 4 characteristics of all successful people. Using powerful examples from Thomas Edison to Donald Bradman, Reynolds shows that unless we develop Persistence, Belief, Vision and Action, our chances of reaching the very highest levels of success are slim. However if we do cultivate these 4 characteristics the potential of our life is virtually unlimited.

Secrets to High Achievement

In this fast-paced, practical speech, Siimon reveals a mountain of techniques that he uses to maximise his productivity and achieve extraordinary amounts.

Is your team too busy to get stuff done?

Do they struggle with workloads and deadlines?

Siimon’s proven high performance system will show them how to get much more done in more less time, and reduce their stress levels concurrently.

How to massively increase your company’s profits

There’s not a business in the world that can’t be boosted with clever marketing.

In this high energy, entertaining speech, Siimon Reynolds gives loads of tips on how any business can increase its sales within weeks, with low-cost marketing wizardry. Siimon’s practical techniques can be used for years to lift company profits quickly and easily.

Great Brands. Why they matter and how to create one

Creating a great brand is one of the most powerful things you can do in any business.

Using numerous amazing and amusing examples, Siimon Reynolds proves great brands are behind almost every superb company.

Siimon shows how great brands are created and maintained and discusses some of the dangers of brand strategy. He also reveals 5 hidden secrets to establishing a powerful brand.

How to Create Great Ideas

Great ideas can build companies, lift profits and change lives. Yet few people have ever learned how to generate outstanding ideas. Siimon Reynolds has spent his entire adult life as a professional idea creator in the advertising industry, and in this dynamic speech he reveals his top idea generating tips.

  • How to come up with a great idea in ten minutes
  • Secrets of the world’s most creative people
  • 5 idea creation techniques that really work
  • How to make your brain more creative

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