Lessons from a Great Baseball Player

I just heard Cal Ripken give a speech.

For those who don’t follow the sport, he’s one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Astoundingly, he played in the major league for almost 17 years straight without missing a single game.

He was voted Most Valuable Player in the entire league twice.

He knows a lot about succeeding.

So I thought I’d put down my summary of Cal’s thoughts on what it takes to be highly successful:

1. The right approach – right attitude, a personal mission statement, and an honest and simple approach.

2. Strong will.

3. Passion – it is critical you choose to love what you do.

4. Love to compete – you must set yourself challenges constantly, both internal and external.

5. Consistency – constantly adjust and re-adjust to solve problems.

6. Conviction – thick skin, be stubborn, see things through to the end.

7. Strength – physical and mental. Constantly get new information to improve.

8. Life management – seek to create control in each area.

9. Personal life – nobody can say they have it all worked out, but it demands daily attention.

For the next month, I’ll have Cal’s points posted up on my bathroom mirror as a reminder.

It could be worthwhile for you to do the same.

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