The Simple Question That Decides Your Success In Business

Of course, there are a million variables in business:

Your strategy, your marketing, your sales procedures, the quality of your team, the systems you establish. Etc.

You need to get most of these elements right to do well financially with your company.

But having observed so many entrepreneurs over the last 30 years succeed or not succeed, I think there’s a more important overarching factor that dictates business success with much greater accuracy.

And that element comes down to one, very simple question:

“Am I totally committed to get this business great?”

It’s really all that matters, because even if every single element of your company is being done poorly, a business can still be turned around and become an outstanding success, as long as we have the commitment to stick with it and improve our situation.

Now I’m not talking about a mild enthusiasm to get things right. I’m talking about a fiery and complete devotion to making any change necessary to ensure the success of your enterprise.

Even if it’s hard. Even if it’s tedious.

Even if we have to do tasks we despise.

Even if it takes ages to get things functioning to the necessary standard.

Before all the tactics and the strategies, must come the total and utter COMMITMENT.

That, and only that matters, in the end.

Everything else can be solved, with time and effort and others to help you.

So ask yourself, “Am I totally committed to get this business great?”

If the answer is truly and emphatically Yes, then all will be well.

If the answer is No or Maybe, then either get out of your company, or uplift your commitment to the required level.

There is no other way to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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