How Your Wealth Is Determined By Your Self Image.

I’ve been reading an interesting book lately.

It’s called ‘Identity Economics. How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, And Well Being’.

It raises some pertinent points for anyone who wants to achieve great wealth in their life.

The authors show that how you see yourself plays a huge part in how much you earn, and indeed how much wealth you believe you deserve.

Identity affects how you dress.  What wages you ask for, or what prices you charge your clients.

Even how much money you save or spend.

With self identity being so critical to financial success, it is truly amazing that people don’t spend time daily developing their self image so that it supports them, rather than pulls them down.

Do you do anything at all to maintain a healthy self identity?

Most people don’t, for two reasons:

1. They have no idea that their identity is affecting how much they earn.

2. Even if they do know, they don’t know what they can do to change their identity.

In fact, changing your identity is relatively easy, although it takes some months to do it.

You just use the same technique taught to Olympic athletes to enhance their performance.

Mental rehearsal.

That is, every day for at least ten minutes, close your eyes and mentally ‘see’ yourself performing superbly at work. Earning large amounts of money.  Being happy and healthy. Enjoying your ideal lifestyle.

At first it seems implausible that something so simple could affect your performance. But there are literally thousands of scientific studies that show that, over time, it does.

And remember this:

You’re visualising how things will go anyway, all day long. It’s just how the brain works. So you might as well take control of the process and visualise exactly what you want.

With regular daily practice you’ll find you will be more confident, more at ease, more effective.

You’ll also find your economic identity will have changed.

And soon after,  your wealth.